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PS2 [Request] Americas Army - Rise of the soldier (2004)


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Jun 2, 2019
Taken, also from my own post on AG, Im still searching for infos / files on the PS2 version.

I even bothered Ubisoft and some developers back then...not all replyed and some didnt even remember what it all was about. ^^

Developer: Secret Level/U.S. Army
Publisher: Ubisoft
What Was Promised
Announced in April 2004, Rise of a Soldier was to be the console version of the PC game America's Army. Like its personal computer counterpart, the game allowed you to create a soldier and help him through a career in the U.S. Army. Developed by the real U.S. Army with help from Secret Level, America's Army is a recruitment tool of sorts. But beneath its practical purpose for the military, the game is enjoyable enough for eight million PC users. We got our hands on the game's online multiplayer mode back in November 2005 and came back with positive impressions. But when the game released on Xbox, the PS2 version was nowhere to be found…
Where It Stands
In September 2006, Ubisoft distributed this message to gamers who had pre-ordered Rise of a Soldier: "Americas Army for the PS2 has been delayed and at this time Ubisoft can not confirm a ship date for the game. Ubisoft is canceling all of the pre-orders made over our online store and many of the retailers are refunding their customers as well. We sincerely apologize for this circumstance, but we hope you will continue to shop with us. Please accept this coupon code which is good for $10 off of orders $39.99 or more and will provide free 2 day shipping within the United States." It seems the PS2 version received a dishonorable discharge.
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Sep 1, 2018
I think this would be better off in the Beta talks section, your thread is also more likley to be seen as its visible for unregistered users now.