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Rest in Peace AssemblerGames, Welcome back ObscureGamers? o_O

Today a huge blow was landed on the community, Kevin the owner of AssemblerGames announced the sites closure within 30 days.

With not much time to plan ahead, I've temporarily closed our other site Prototopia and transferred the PT license to OG. This has given me the chance to relaunch OG which thankfully I got the domain back for after the old owner closed it.

I'm currently trying to archive as much of AssemblerGames as possible and will post the archive here once it's finished. It'll be around 20GB.

I'm not wishing to tread on anybody toes, nor start drama and this relaunch is simply to give the community someplace safe to reside incase the worst outcome of AG really closing happens.

This new OG is being rebuilt from scratch, with community input, so for now it'll be very basic features wise. If you wish to chat with us you can join the OG/PT Discord with the following link: https://discord.gg/dNYnFwp this will give temporary access to the AG-Future room.

For now I'm not going to focus on builds or anything but saving the community. If you have any suggestions please let me know thank you!


EDIT: Regarding themes, For now I've updated the old OG theme license that was the paid version of what AG uses. I've changed the colors to reflect AG giving any users a familiar feel. No intention to rip AG off but I feel for now it'll be more friendly to users and warming.
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I offered to buy AssemblerGames and really wanted it to stay. The more I am seeing people join and post here, I think it's best that this site is here and Assembler is closing. Assembler has some information that no other site has, I see this site replacing it. Sometimes, some things need to die, so new things can grow. AG had it's up and downs, but after the last "down", I never saw it getting out of its funk. Long term members stopped posting, emotions got of control, and bad actors ruined the site.

I've been sitting on a pile of betas I've been wanted to share (by posting videos), but never could really get motivated enough to do it. AG had become stale right after I had bought all the stuff to make quality videos. With that said, this site is the fresh air the proto community needs. I don't want this site to be a 1:1 clone of AG, I want it to be the next chapter in the proto community. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
We are planning for the future here; we are considering a front page with articles, reviews, interviews and such, along with youtube and social channels use. I think we could make use of your generosity and create some really interesting articles.

From my talks with demon, this is not going to be another AG, but what AG should had become if the owner was around and interested in it growing and staying alive.
I'm hoping this gains traction if AG really does die. It'll be depressing if it just goes down.

But, this even is also a huge opportunity for game preservation as a whole. No more drama with the owner. We can bring the place back from the stone age and modernize it here.
It may be best to suggest that everyone on AssemblerGames change their sig to this,

"Sad AG is closing? Sign up on the new Obscure site that's taking its place, https://www.obscuregamers.com"

That will help people that aren't' aware of all the craziness that's going on (drive-bys, ect)
Good idea. I should do that at some point.

EDIT: I do have one question. IS there anything important in hidden parts of AG that needs to be saved still or we good? Like stuff from the 0th bit section? I was given access there years ago but never posted much in that section.
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EDIT: I do have one question. IS there anything important in hidden parts of AG that needs to be saved still or we good? Like stuff from the 0th bit section? I was given access there years ago but never posted much in that section.

We've already got The 0th Bit archived ;) thanks.

Any chance of FM Towns, Marty, A'can?

Added to Misc Dev thank you and welcome guys! :)
I was thinking about you earlier - I was passing through shin-Shiminoseki station, isn't that your part of the world?
It sure is! That Hard Off where I film is in Shin-Shimonoseki. I live about 10 minutes from there by car.
Refugee, getting in on the ground floor, though I'm just a gamer, not a collector or a technical expert.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being "just" a gamer - it's what we all have in common. Personally, I got into the technical side because it's my line of work and I like retro stuff which frequently needs repairing.
I just do whatever. Discuss, give ideas, help however I can with stuff if I have the means and know-how, etc. I really should get back to getting the Sega DS16 pinned out so we can hopefully copy it for those that want a 6 cart Genesis/ Megadrive jukebox adapter.