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Rest in Peace AssemblerGames, Welcome back ObscureGamers? o_O

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Today a huge blow was landed on the community, Kevin the owner of AssemblerGames announced the sites closure within 30 days.

With not much time to plan ahead, I've temporarily closed our other site Prototopia and transferred the PT license to OG. This has given me the chance to relaunch OG which thankfully I got the domain back for after the old owner closed it.

I'm currently trying to archive as much of AssemblerGames as possible and will post the archive here once it's finished. It'll be around 20GB.

I'm not wishing to tread on anybody toes, nor start drama and this relaunch is simply to give the community someplace safe to reside incase the worst outcome of AG really closing happens.

This new OG is being rebuilt from scratch, with community input, so for now it'll be very basic features wise. If you wish to chat with us you can join the OG/PT Discord with the following link: https://discord.gg/dNYnFwp this will give temporary access to the AG-Future room.

For now I'm not going to focus on builds or anything but saving the community. If you have any suggestions please let me know thank you!


EDIT: Regarding themes, For now I've updated the old OG theme license that was the paid version of what AG uses. I've changed the colors to reflect AG giving any users a familiar feel. No intention to rip AG off but I feel for now it'll be more friendly to users and warming.
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As long as the place is kept alive I guess this change is definitively welcome. It's going to take time to rebuild but it's not like Rome was built in a day. As a refugee myself, I think a fresh start is a good thing and can only mean we can start growing again as a community.
Thanks for the refugee title. I already added a reference in AG so more refugees from there can join us here.
Happy to be on board!

Been a lurker for many years in AG...

Looks like I found a new home for the latest SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast dev news.
Hi there :)

I loved assembler, it was unique. I learned about many other strange places as well, but I never registered somewhere else and always lurked and contributed to assembler.

I browsed here and there for alternatives...and decided to register here. Good idea ? ;D
I always felt its annoying, having to post on 5-10 forums at once...if it all ended up at assembler anyway. ;)

Maybe I can call this my home one day as well.

Anyway, sad news... :(

I also started downloading the prototopia folders back in the days...but I only managed to rescue around 60GB of various random stuff, that I thought could be important. The HDD the stuff is on, no longer works though.
Happy to be back. Wanted to get back in touch with some of the fine folk from here but never had the chance after the original OG shut down. Glad it's relaunched and is living again. Hey everyone!
It's been 4 years since Kevin nuked my account then banned my IP when I asked what happened.....I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying everyone seeing him for the massive asshole he is, RIP AG
Hahaha! So lame!! it's even funny:ROFLMAO: I'm dying. Trainwreck in slow motion, these guys doing strange things, I'm sweating :ROFLMAO:

Here the original OST:

I'm emotional right now...of laughter!

I think we at OG should follow this path, happily, nice and proper:

Ok, I love YT cooking channels but this parody is out of bounds and Jamie is ok with that, Good sport!

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looks like the lights have finialy gone out at Assemblergames just check this morning and the site is returning a unable to connect to server message RIP assemblergames..heres to new beginnings
Heres to new beginnings, and may the spirit of knowledge and discovery live on! Not that I'll post much, or ever, but I'll be lurking.
Finally it's gone! What took so long? The announcement was made half a year ago.
No idea. My guess is he just stopped paying and it didnt cancel right away. Maybe some was prepaid, maybe not. Maybe he will be getting a letter from collections later on..

Basically, no one knows
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