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RGLoader 17489 with Xell


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Jun 27, 2019
This is the same version found here with updated CD.9452.bin changing the location xell is read from.

Tested with falcon, jasper and trinity should work with corona also.

have only tested rgh2. I dont think rgh1 or jtag will work but i have no rgh1 or jtags to test /fix


I started to make a j-runner 17489 RGLoader folder but only added trinity and jasper support so far. figured i would upload here at the same time as some one might find useful.

It does work with trinity and jasper allows for more options like CR4 timings.

support for all consoles could be added this way

no patches will work as they read from a different location to freeboot


If anyone with a hardware flasher would like to help me add more console to the supported list please fill free to message me.

added a patch builder.


Massive Thanks to Swizz for answering all my stupid questions​
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