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SCPH-2000 PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse adapter reverse engineering

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Feb 3, 2020

I'm looking for someone that own an SCPH-2000 adapter that would be willing to help me reverse engineer the protocol.

I do not need to have the device hand-on, I can send you a board setup that would plug in between the console and the adapter that would dump the packet to a terminal via USB. If the device do not answer to the regular 0x42 poll cmd the same board could be used to directly poll the adapter without the console.

I can also provide PS/2 KB/Mouse and modded psone console if required. I would gladly ship all of this for free, all I need is a bit of your time to make the protocol traces.

I'm currently working on an universal Bluetooth to retro console adapter and I already added PSX Keyboard support base on some info extracted from the Lightspan Online CD that was presumably using this adapter. But maybe that software was using a standalone KB rather than the SCPH-2000. And in any case that software do not support the mouse part of the adapter.

See my blog on my progress so far:

And my small DEMO:
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