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Sega Genesis, NEC TG-16, 16-bit Memories 1989-1990. Television, magazines, Etc.


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Sep 9, 2020
Hello everyone, it has been far too long. Was GigaDrive on AG. I just felt like signing up here and posting some 16-bit memories from when I was 13-15.

The Sega Genesis made a huge impact on me and so did the TurboGrafx-16, in 1989. With even more consoles already announced or rumored to be waiting in the wings for sometime in 1990. The Super Famicom had been demo'd but was still the thing of myth and the Neo Geo's announcement was months away from being covered in magazines.

So back in the day when cable television stations still had halfway decent programming, Nickelodeon had a 3 hour long game & variety show on Sunday mornings, called Total Panic. On this show it was a lot of fun for kids because they played live games, had quizes, showed music videos, had live performances by popular artists, showed cartoons, had prizes and did video game reviews and showcased new systems and new games. Not just Nintendo, but Sega and NEC as well.

I'll never forget 13 year old me watching Ghouls n Ghosts having to pick my face off the floor. It was superior to anything I had ever seen or played on any Atari system or other computer, not to mention the NES and even the Sega system I did already have, the Master System. This to me looked like an amazing game for an awesome new game system and I had to have it.

"Verily, I have defeated you. Look! A key. Princess!, I'm coming."


Bwuuuuhahahahahaha! Er...Uh, but my parents, As I was watching this in the living room, my parents heard it while still at the breakfast table having coffee.
Their reaction was "what the hell are you watching, turn that junk off for cripes sake!"


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