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Saturn Sega Saturn VDP2, broken pin, no probs


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Jul 11, 2019
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24th Dec 2018
So I've been having problems with my Saturn in another thread (polygons glitching) I gave up on that Saturn and went to do a region switch mod but I ruined it didn't I? 79 was really kinda loose when I de soldered it , I think this console has been modded before. Well the pin broke and I didn't want to stay in 50hz land.

I got the other Saturn's mobo and removed VDP2. I set it aside then removed the damaged ic from the second Saturn a couple of pads came loose but nothing drastic. It takes a good while to get the chips off, I used kapton tape lots of flux and enough time. It came off with a slight nudge with the tweezers. I gently concentrated on one side of the chip at a time.

Soldered on the new non knackered chip and hey presto it all work's! Took ages sorting out the bridges and some pins weren't fully connected but got there in the end! I now have 1 working Saturn and I'm going to pit the region free bios in as well as the switch less kit.

It's 3 am already and I'm going sleep.


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