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PS2 Self destructing PS2 dongles



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While I'm not an active member to this community tonights find is quite alarming so here's a warning.

It's just been learned by myself and a researcher that PS2 era games have self destructing dongles. Certain PS2 developer builds have a purge function coded in which effectively destroys the PS2 dongle preventing the build/builds loading again.

On emulator the end result is a 3GB memory card and a none booting game unless you delete this and restore the original dongle.

What does this mean? It means all dongles for protected media will need to be backed up/raw dumped before even booting. As if you boot and it purges you're too late and that datas now lost for good and your builds unable to be loaded.

Shocking that the PS2 had this level of protection. It's assumed many newer builds will likely be the same.