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Site Rules

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Jul 30, 2018
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As always, our aim is to be as free as possible, but to ensure smooth sailing and comfort for all of our users and staff, we ask you to stick to the following rules. If you are unclear about any of the rules, please contact a member of staff for clarification.
  • Posts must be written in English.
  • We ask that members keep drama away from the forums.
  • No disposable emails.
  • Swearing / cursing is allowed, but do not be excessive. Do not swear at other members or staff.
  • Staff reserve the right to modify or remove posts, without reason, at any time.
  • Always be respectful to staff and other users.
  • No pornographic or sexual content. This will result in a permanent ban.
  • No racism, homophobia or sexism. This will also result in a permanent ban.
  • Any items for sale must be legally and ethically obtained.
  • Do not post any pirated content of any kind, this includes retail roms.
  • All builds must be legally obtained.
  • All Rockstar Games/Take-Two owned content is strictly forbidden.
  • Please keep trolling, memes and other unrelated content to the off-topic sections of the site. Standard site rules still apply.
  • When sharing a file, please ensure the details are as complete as possible (build date, system etc...).
  • Current gen talk is fine, however no linking to copyrighted current gen data.
  • Do not discuss other preservation websites in a negative light. Users come here for preservation purposes, not for flaming and vulgarity.
  • While you are allowed to link to your personal YouTube channel or blog, we ask that you refrain from excessive advertising.
  • Do not ask for VIP status. These will be chosen by staff. If you ask for it, you will recieve a warning on your account.
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