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Small update from me



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As you're all aware with your generous help I recently founded a new non-profit museum for video game preservation. Due to certain aspects of OG I can no longer be the "front" of OG as it'll affect the current work I do.

Does this mean I'm leaving OG?

Not at all, I'll still be here and on Discord as always. Just for the site here I cannot be the leader which is why I'm stepping down to moderator. I'll still be doing backend upgrades/updates and paying OG's bills out of my own pocket but I'm leaving the site in the hands of our amazing mod and admin team. Even though Morphic is slacking due to spawning new life :p Wish him well as baby Morphic is due soon!

If there's tech issues with the site please do inform me though via Discord or the site contact form.

Will anything be changing to OG?

Nothing should change minus I'll likely get more time to research and setup stuff for researchers etc.

This year has been a wild one for me, with ASSEMbler closing, everybody here keeping me on my toes and non stop family drama, health issues and stuff I'd rather forget happening. Then with the museum founding and endless amounts of stuff to preserve I've barely had time to think. So stepping back will also give me time to do more of what I love without having to fix a million on site things at once.

Hope you can all understand this is for the better as it'll free my time and enable me to do more for preservation. I should also add now OG will NOT be sold or put under any new owners. There's no
1585420903210.png v2.0 šŸ¤

And the site will carry on as needed with me fixing anything that breaks.

Thank you all! I'll see you around or on Discord which is where I lurk mostly. ;)


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Jan 20, 2019
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