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So glad to see an AG replacement! Looking forward to contributing


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Aug 8, 2019
Hey everyone!

I've been following the console modding and homebrew scene for about 20 years now (I seriously got started with the original Xbox, man that thing was fun to mod, RIP xbox-scene...but I really got started on the Dreamcast a few years earlier) and have been writing software professionally for 10 years now in various languages and on various platforms, though I only recently started getting into writing console homebrew. I also love tinkering with embedded hardware in general from AVR and ESP microcontrollers up to custom Android roms, so I'm hoping to apply some of that experience to console modding.

I'm especially interested in the Dreamcast at the moment as it's possibly of my favorite console of all time and the new GDEMU menu is really exciting, but I'm also really interested in the Xbox, PS2, PS3, and various Nintendo consoles.

Unfortunately I only found AG about a year ago, I think right after they stopped approving new registrations. All I could do was spend countless hours reading threads and sucking up all of the amazing information without being able to actually interact at all. It's great to finally be able to join the community!

So while I'm not technically a refugee as my account was never activated, I still feel like one :)

I love all the new projects bringing new life and functionality to old consoles, and have been spending the last year setting up development toolchains, building a modded retro console collection, and learning as much as I can.

I'm looking forward to contributing to development efforts where I can, and just generally being a part of the community.

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