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Sonic Month 2019: Sonic CD 0.02

Sonic Month 2019: Sonic CD!


New prototypes:
Sonic CD 0.02 (December 4, 1992)
Sonic CD 0.28A (May 12, 1993)
Sonic CD 0.51 (June 21, 1993)

Minor or previously released builds:
Sonic CD 0.70 (July 12, 1993)
Sonic CD 1.05 (August 1, 1993)
Sonic CD 1.09 (August 6, 1993)
Sonic CD 1.11 (August 19, 1993)
Sonic CD 1.15 (October 13, 1993)

Watch the Twitch stream as it happened:

And stay tuned for next week!

More Sonic protos on November 2, 2pm Pacific, 9pm GMT!

Then more on November 9, 10 and 16.


Never expected to see the day of such an early build of Sonic CD. What a fantastic way to end the year :D