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Teasing Sega French spot 35 mm rush release.

Sega Dreamcast Info

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May 30, 2019
I had the chance to find 24 metal boxes including the 35 mm films of Sega advertisements from the 90s in February last year.

The famous slogan that will remain engraved forever "Sega is stronger than you", do you remember? Or "Master Sega"?

It is with great pleasure and immense relief that I could finally make available to you all of my work on this project marked out from top to bottom.

Everything will be shared on a website specially designed for the occasion.

The content of the scan mainly includes rushes. The sound is unfortunately missing. It is interesting to see the behind the scenes and behind the scenes of the filming of these advertisements.

An advertisement is complete with the sound track. I was able to mount it yesterday.

There are 2.5 hours of viewing for 37 videos around.

I hope you will like it. I'll meet you on May 23 to celebrate my birthday with me with this release, the bars being closed, I had to do something.



Jun 10, 2019
That’s just incredible !!
I was waiting for it since a while (I mean since you said you managed to get them :))
You’re great man