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The Batman & Robin (PS1) Invincibility Code


Original poster
Jun 13, 2021
I already asked this on Romhacking.net but didn't get any responses. Besides this is a better place to ask a question like this since you guys really know how to tinker with the inner workings of video games...

Anyways, has ANYONE ever gotten this code to work?

According to every site that hosts this code, you're supposed to do it at the game's title screen, and the code is L1 R2 R1 L2 Select X Circle. But since X instantly selects options, I've never been able to get the code to work. PSXDataCenter said it might only work for the PAL version of the game, but I already tried it on there, and still no success.

Anyone have any ideas? Like if it was translated from a magazine incorrectly or something like that? You think you'd be able to disassemble the ISO in order to figure out what the code REALLY is? Or is it just a bogus code?

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