"The Dark" (Condemned: Criminal Origins Alpha/Beta)

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    First and foremost, I am not making reference to the Builds of this game that can be run on XeDK Beta-1 kits.

    I'm referring to the Alpha/Beta version of Condemned in which the game was originally called "The Dark." Additionally, one major difference is that you (as the player) have telekinetic abilities. Personally, I'm glad they took this feature out as to increase the sense of dread when you need to face enemies.

    Anyways, IIRC, the following video showcasing this particular build of Condemned is a .bik which is in the retail game's files that you can find/unlock.
    (Credits to -Keys- for the upload. It should be noted that this video has been on YouTube on various channels for probably 8 or 9 years, but this one is the best quality-wise).
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    Really interesting stuff. Kind of crazy to see how much of a change the final game got. Glad they made the changes they did. I absolutely loved the original Condemned. It's interesting that they did bring a lot of the sci-fi elements and the telekinesis bits into Condemned 2. Really cool footage. Glad they changed it though XD
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