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Thoughts on writing a bios file to a PCMCIA card at a specific address?


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May 31, 2019
Working on a project to revive an engineering sample console, as it does not have a ROM chip on board with the bios. Procedure via the SDK is to flash a PCMCIA Type III card with the bios, then insert the card into the console itself so it can boot via the BIOS file on the card itself.

Issue is a) the SDK app will flash the card, but ONLY via the dev card installed via NuBus in a Quadra B) the program loads fine in SheepShaver on a Win 10 PC, but crashes on a Mac running OS 9.2.2 C) I dont own a Quadra and really don't want to buy one (they go well in excess of $500) for a single card flash.

Anyone have any ideas on how to directly address a PCMCIA card and write a file to a specific memory address?

And yes...I already tried dragging and dropping the BIOS onto the card...I didn't think it would work and I was right lol


Jun 3, 2019
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Dec 17, 2017
PCMCIA type III are usually hard drives. You can connect them with a pcmcia to ide and write on the hard drive with an hex editor for hdd. Also if it wasn't a type III card, type II or type I can have different memory tipe, usually not compatbile. Are you sure you are using the memory card required for the system?

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