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Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer (Game Boy Color - Unreleased)


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May 30, 2019
Call this a shameless plug-in, since i uploaded them onto my YouTube channel but these are the gameplay footage from the Game Boy Color version of Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer that were provided to me by JV Games co-founder Vince Valenti, who is a great fellow to talk with. He, along with his team, ported the game in a period of 6 months but for some unknown reason, it never made it to market. I don't know if he may still have a .ROM of this port but anyone able to contact either Valenti or Jag Jaeger should do so in order to preserve it online.

There is also more stuff about the GBC version that i have already uploaded on MobyGames so, check it out!
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