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What up doe. I'm back in town


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Apr 19, 2019
Yet another AG refugee.

I have developed a passion for dev and demo stuff over the last years :)
My obscure collection only consists of Nintendo stuff + a Debug PS3.

My obscure collection (as of 2019/06/01)
- Nintendo Revolution NDEV (came with 3 USB-Cables in those bags, sensor bar, power cord. I think it was barely used)
- Wii: RVT-R Reader
- Wii: System Menu Changer disc 4.2/4.3
- GCN: Crazy Taxi Prototype on NR disc
- Wii U: WIS-001 Demo/Kiosk Console (with plenty of demos)
- Wii U: WIS-001 Demo/Kiosk Console (dev menu installed)
- Wii U: WIS-001 Demo/Kiosk Console (broke it when desoldering my Teensy, but can be fixed)
- Wii U: WIS-001 Shell (a Wii U without guts but comes with a transparent shell with LED light)
- 2 Wii U: Kiosk Controller Hub (WIS-007), one working fine, one broken I think
- 3 Wii U: Kiosk GamePads (WIS-003), one working with replacement cable. 2 Without cable
- 3 Wii U: Kiosk wired WiiMotes (RVL-036(01))
- 1 Wii U: Kiosk wired Nunchuk (RVL-004)
- Wii U: Interactive Demo Disc, August 2015, USA
- Wii: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Demo, USA (RVL-DAXE-USA-B0)
- Wii: Donkey Kong Country Returns boundle with Demo Sleeve
- GCN: eCatalog Interactive Demo (DL-DOL-D55J-DIS), JPN
- GCN: Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disk February 2003 (DL-DOL-D94P-EUR)
- GCN: Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disk April 2006 (DL-DOL-D77P-EUR)
- GCN: Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disk April 2003 (DL-DOL-D93P-EUR)
- PS3: Test DECHJ00A

Besides obscure gaming I'm also into gaming in general and game hacking (cheat code creation, data mining)

Nice to meet you :)
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