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X360 Xbox 360 Xenon XDK 1838 fixed NAND [Share]


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Jan 21, 2019
As you know it is possible to install 1838 recovery on any final Xenon XDK and, as others claim, on some Zephyr devkits (not testkits!) with the right GPU by using DVD recovery too. Sadly, 1838 does something weird when it installs and it corrupts SMC config and semi bricks the console.

Known issues after installing 1838 recovery:
1. Wireless controller doesn't work;
2. Fans are always spinning in full speed and the console sounds like a jet;
3. When you shutdown the console, HDD stops immediately with a chance of breaking it;
4. DVD and remote recoveries become completely useless, because they don't unbrick or restore the console.
5. Maybe some other issues....
A few people knew how to make 1838 work on a final Xenon XDK, but, for some reason, didn't help much achieving it. But today we have something special for you. I am presenting you a fixed 1838 NAND, which you can upload to your final Xenon XDK and enjoy the last known leaked beta dashboard that supports XEX1 executables.

Download link:

How to install 1838 on a final Xenon XDK.
0. Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for any damage you do. Also, XDK nands are zero paired. Don't even worry that my nand has a different CPU key and you don't even need to know it.
1. Backup your current NAND via J-Runner via "Advanced/Custom Nand/Glitch Chip Functions". You can be on any recovery you want.
Be sure to dump 64MB nand! It shouldn't be 16 MBs. Don't even progress further without a proper backup nand.

2. Install 1838 DVD recovery to prepare your console. Don't press any button on a joystick, just shut it down.

3. Upload the nand you downloaded from the link above to your console.

4. Enjoy those XeDK builds on your console!

Special thanks to:
emoose - for responding in my older thread and fixing the SMC config in my NAND. Without him, it won't be possible to enjoy this beta dashboard.

How was it achieved?
First I downgraded the console to 1888 recovery and backed up the nand.
Then I downgraded the console to 1838 recovery and backed up the nand.
Then emoose took the SMC config from 1888 and imported it in 1838 via HEX editing (I think) and voila!
Who knows, maybe it is possible to make even older recoveries work on Final Xenon XDKs.
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Jan 26, 2019
Great work. Slightly older beta recoveries do work just find the right offset and patch it.
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