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X360 Xbox Underground Covered by Darknet Diaries


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Sep 1, 2018
Hopefully this is the right place to post this! I've been a fan of the podcast Darknet Diaries for about a year now, so imagine my shock when I woke up to see "XBox Underground (Part 1)" pop up on my feed! Even if you're not into podcasts, but you are interested in Xbox/Xbox 360 related modding, I absolutely recommend giving this a listen. For anyone who indulged in last year's Wired article covering this (The Teens Who Hacked Microsoft's Xbox Empire-And Went Too Far) and is interested in more, this is a must listen.

So far Part 1 has guest appearances from Bunnie, skitzo, DaE, and soniciso/sonic-iso. Tons of crazy first hand experiences shared here, I'll post up the link to Part 2 once that drops, but for now here's Part 1.

Darknet Diaries - XBox Underground (Part 1)

If you all take some time to discuss your thoughts on the episode here, please use the SPOILER tags to be courteous to any users who haven't given this a full listen yet.

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