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XenForo 2.2 Upgrades are live!

Awhile back we mentioned XenForo 2.2 is coming which has many changes. We put out warnings some older features would break and sadly in this case the OG 2020 themes did break due to the new features.

We'll be enabling legacy themes over the coming few days which will look and feel like the old ones but won't be the same fully. They'll just be there for legacy reasons and for those that run older hardware.

Currently only light themes are live but there's also many bonus features lurking such as our new web app for android.


You may spot bugs and if you do please report here asap, we'd need a screenshot, device name/browser and version used to help speed things up.

I won't bore you more here so will get back to finising up the dark themes.

EDIT: Dark theme semi sorted, and people forget each year but you can disable the effects for halloween by visiting: https://www.obscuregamers.com/account/preferences

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Oh no, stuff moves and bloats as you hover your mouse on it. I didn't upgrade Firefox to 77/78 because of the zooming megabar... and now it's like megabars all over the place.o_O
Sorry missed those replies guys. I'm not sure if I can make a settings option elsewhere but will look into the code now see if I can.