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AG Refugee Yo! Another AG Refugee here!


Bio-Digital Jazz
Original poster
Jun 5, 2019
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Jun 3, 2014
Hi, all!

Another AG refugee here! I have been registered to AG for a number of years, and although I did not contribute as much as I would have liked, I absolutely adored reading through the plethora of obscure gaming history that I'm sure many of you here contributed to.

Small question, how do we get that fancy "Refugee" title many of us have? I have entered in my old username and registration date, so is it just a waiting game?

Very, very glad to find a place we can turn to with the unfortunate (but predictable) demise of AG. Looking forward to posting a lot more this time around! I'd love for this to become a hive of activity much like the forum we're all used to. Massive thanks to everyone involved in getting this place set up.
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