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Your Gaming Console History


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May 29, 2019
What was your first to last consoles have you owned.
Here is a list of consoles i started off with, i was a huge fan of the PS2 and wanted a PS3 but could only find XBOX 360 for sale so i got one of those instead and loved it.

1: Atari 2600.
2: Nes.
3: Game Boy - I still own one.
4: Spectrum - Bought off a friend with loads of games.
5: Snes - I still own one.
6: Atrai Jaguar - I still own one.
7: Panasonic 3DO.
8: Amiga CD 32 - I still own one.
9: Sega Mega Drive 2 + CD.
10: N64 - I still own one.
11: PS1 - I still own one.
12: PS2 Slim - I still own one.
13: Game Cube.
14: WII - I still own one.
15: Xbox 360 - I still own loads of these.
16: PS3 - I still own a few of these.
17: Xbox One - I still own a few of these.
18: PS4 - I still own one.
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Jun 19, 2019
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September 2, 2011
In the rough order that I acquired them:

-atari 2600 (got at tag sale in early 90s)
-various tiger handheld lcd games
-atari 7800 (got at tag sale in early 90s) (sold)
-Playstation 1
-tiger game.com (sold or donated)
-OG xbox (later traded in for gamecube)

That was the end of me playing consoles when they were still supported by their makers. After several years went by I got into the hobby of retrogaming. I'd buy and play with consoles for a few years and then if I wasn't feeling them anymore I'd sell some of them on. The ones marked (sold) are those that I no longer have.

-Atari Jaguar and jaguar CD (sold)
-Atari 5200 (sold)
-Atari lynx
-Atari lynx model 2 (sold)
-3DO (sold)
-Sega Saturn
-Game Gear (sold)
-Sega genesis model 2 and 32X and sega cd model 2 (sega cd is sold)
-Sega genesis model 1 and model 1 sega cd (all sold)
-Sega Nomad (sold)
-OG gameboy (gifted back to original childhood owner)
-another OG Xbox (sold)
-Xbox 360 (sold)
-Atomiswave (sold)


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Feb 16, 2021
I won't list everything right now but just the first few (I might edit the rest in later)...

1. Sheen 104 Video Sport (PAL B&W pong clone with 2x paddles and light gun) - I still own this actual machine
2. Dick Smith Wizzard (CreatiVision licensed Australian version) - unfortunately I sold this many years ago :(
3. Commodore 64 (breadbin PAL) - sold my original unit, but I do own later version
4. Super Nintendo (PAL) - sold my original unit, all I own right now are 2x Super Famicom consoles
5. PlayStation (SCPH-1000 NTSC-J) - I still own this actual machine, needs a fresh laser atm. I have some other versions too (PAL), a couple are chipped

6. Xbox - yep, I got an Xbox back then instead of getting a PS2. I have a load of these now and 2 are chipped
7. Xbox 360 - cheaper than getting a PS3 at the time, I have 3x S, 1x E and a fat Elite. Only 1x RGH

After this I started getting older consoles I never had myself and also some more recent ones. No particular order after this I'll just list a bunch of stuff... easier than trying to remember the exact order lol

PS3 - I have loads of different versions of these, but no early launch NTSC consoles with full BC hardware
PS4 - one early fat (5.05) and one Pro (9.00)
Xbox One - 1x S and an early version
Famicom - has a/v and USB power mods
Game Boy
Game Boy Pocket x2
Game Boy Color x2
Game Boy Advance x3
Atari Lynx - one of each version
Atari 2600 - 1x 4 switch woody and 1x Junior
Gamecube - 2x PAL and 1x NTSC-J
Wii - 2x white (one with modchip, one with WODE), 1x black
Wii U - deluxe
NDS - a bunch of these, most are lites but I do have 2x original versions and 1x DSi
3DS - 1x XL and 1x n3DS
Vita - one of each handheld version and also 1x PS TV
PSP - bunch of these but don't have Go, one of them (2k I think?) is Asian model (not Japan)
PS2 - a heap of them, most are slims
Dreamcast - Japanese
Master System II
Mega Drive - x2
N-Gage - not QD

PlayStation Classic (mini)

The C64 Mini

Famiclones - x3, one of which is old discrete type (PAL output, incorrect timing and audio is slightly off)
GB Boy Colour - Game Boy Color clone with backlit screen but incorrect AR

Not sure if I've missed anything, if I have I'll edit again :p
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Aug 3, 2021
In order with the first one being the first I had is:

1. PS2: This was my first console, one of the best I've every had it has such a massive library of games. My favourite was GTA San Andreas and The Simpsons Hit and Run.
2. PSP: First handheld I had, loved playing GTA LCS and VCS on the go.
3. PS3: I have some awesome memories playing GTA V and a lots of other games.
4. Wii: Had some great times playing mario kart and Wii Sports thanks to the new controllers. Also cheaper than the other ones.
5. XBOX one: Despite it's terrible launch it turned out to be an OK console a few years later. I bought the Xbox One S and found it to be quite good, also got introduced to game pass.
6. PS Vita: It had a lot of potential but honestly I was very disappointed by it not a great selection of games at the time I bought it and smartphones just had more use.
7. 3DS: Definitely don't regret buying it much better selection of games than the vita and much cheaper too
8. PS4: Bought because pretty much all my friends played online on it and no one had an Xbox One.
9. PS5: Very hard to find one but definitely worth it for now.
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