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Updated Site Rules

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Both forum and marketplace rules have been updated. They are as follows: Forum Rules Obscure Gamers staff reserve the right to take action on any content or members that they see fit without notice. Be excellent to each other. Don’t harass, annoy, or spam on the forums for any reason. Targeting any specific ethnicity, gender, or religious group will result in an immediate ban. No NSFW content is allowed. Be mindful of content that can “trigger” people as...
It's time for another fundraiser!

Fundraiser It's time for another fundraiser!

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Since our dealings with the Xperia Play 2 prototype, we've been contacted to save more unreleased games, prototype game consoles/dev kits and some really obscure/rare nintendo hardware that's not been document fully. Unlike the last lot, this one is split into batches and will be paid as each goal is reached in order from the top. We've got a PlayStation 3 devkit up for grabs, this contains 3 unreleased video games, and another 6/7 game alphas. Including games dated over a year before...
OG saves unreleased "PSP Phone 2" (Xperia Play 2)

OG saves unreleased "PSP Phone 2" (Xperia Play 2)

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A week ago we launched a fundraiser for an unreleased PlayStation console, Today we're proud to announce we have saved one of two unreleased Xperia Play 2 phones, also codenamed the "PSP Phone" until PlayStation didn't give it's full blessings so it became the Xperia Play (also known as the Zeus in development). Things didn't go all the plan, the reshipper in Hong Kong told us DHL wouldn't insure it if below 5KG which seemed stupid, so we paid another £55 postage on top of the £170 we...

Ads added

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As much as I've always been against ads, and with donations lowish compared to the past, we've decided to add adverts to OG. This is part of our plan to keep OG alive for the future, while nobody likes them we've made it so donators don't see them as a perk of this and for their support. More changes are coming, and we'll post soon about these.
OG @ OLL '22 - Interview with Daniel Crocker from WAVE Game Studios

OG @ OLL '22 - Interview with Daniel Crocker from WAVE Game Studios

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New Youtube video live at 6PM GMT tonight! A small interview with Daniel from @WaveGameStudios, talking about a misprint mishap they had with Yeah Yeah Beebiss II for the Dreamcast.


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Small update, Obscure Gamers will be teaming up with the team behind Console Variations on April 9th & 10th. We'll be showcasing unseen unreleased games, dumping builds, repairing brutally murdered dev kits and more! If you haven't got a ticket yet, feel free to grab one on OLL's site!​

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