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Agent 9's Lab - Discord Invite + Information Thread
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Spyro Research section of ObscureGamers, brought to you by Agent 9's Lab.

This is a community for a research project of the Spyro the Dragon trilogy on PS1.

RZXspyro is the owner, while I am the co-owner.

We research the development of the games and how they have evolved over time. With this in mind we research using any sources necessary. We are on the lookout for any prototypes, press kits, unreleased/obscure demo builds and magazines, etc! If anyone has something in their collection, feel free to post in one of the sub-forums! We have one for each Spyro game in the trilogy. :)

Originally established on Discord in July 2020, we are looking to branch out our community and increase the accessbility by allowing communication here, exclusively on ObscureGamers. We know that there are those who do not use Discord as a preferred platform of discussion, and we wish to preserve all the united efforts of researching these games accessible outside of the...

PS2 Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (2003)

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Check out some never-before-seen footage of the cancelled Daredevil title, which was to be released on PC, Xbox, and PS2.

Designing the Duke

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Denise Chaudhari was the first woman hired for the then-secret Xbox project, where she designed more than just the original "Duke" controller that launched with the system in 2001.

Original Post

Manhattan Project unreleased PS1 Game
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Below is a video of the unreleased PS1 game Manhattan Project dated 6.12.97.

Special thank you to @Andrew for sharing footage.

Review Prodeus - A Master Class in Modern Retro Shooters
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Prodeus is a game that's been on my radar for a while. I don't know whether it's the beautifully crafted retro aesthetic, the DOOM-inspired run and gun style action, or the sprinkles of nostalgia found in every little hand-crafted detail, but this game, more than any other in recent memory manages to take me right back to simpler times where I would spend hours upon hours with my eyes glued to a computer screen.

This is a game which caught my interest way back when it was first revealed in 2018 and I have been following the project on social media ever since. I've spent about four days now playing the Prodeus closed-beta, and while I knew going in that the game would not disappoint, I was not prepared for just how much the game is to play, it's clear that 'Bounding Box's first offering is something the team are extremely passionate about. Every tiny detail feels like it was hand-crafted and built based on real love for the project, and that's something that's becoming harder and...
God of War: Ascension (Tradeshow event build)
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Check out OG's latest video covering footage from a God of War: Ascension Trade Show Demo.

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