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PS3 Motorstorm RC Alpha Build Gameplay

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This is another Motorstorm build given to me by @Paulweeze71 (thanks man :) ). It seems near final but has an interesting Pre-Beta logo in the corner. The video shows most of the playground area and a couple events.

Site News Obscure Gamers has upgraded to XenForo 2!

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As you may have noticed we've just upgraded to XenForo 2.0 which is a major upgrade from the old platform.

Sadly, Some stuff cannot be used so we've had to get a new look. a few features are also currently missing but will be readded over the next few weeks/months.

You may also spot some bugs, If you do please report them in https://www.obscuregamers.com/forums/site-issues-suggestions-feedback.21/ please.

I've opened the site up...

XBOX Beyond (Unreleased Sept 2005) Prototype Gameplay

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I got this recently and its a proto for an unreleased game called Beyond. Its a fairly simple proto with only 1 level and a few cutscenes.
@Borman posted a playthrough back in 2012 on his channel but I figured we would also upload so potentially more people will see it.

Lastly (not shown in video) I found out if you hold the White button it will enable/disable godmode.

PS3 Need For Speed Most Wanted (PS3 Aug 2012 Gamescom) Cut Vehicles

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This build was shown at Gamescom 2012. Whats interesting is that some vehicles that where in this build where cut from the final release. I did have to use the debug menu and spawn the Pagani Hayura as its not does not have a jack spot. So I loaded my save with it spawned. The list of vehicles shown are: Hummer H1, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Corvette Stingray.

Sonic CD Review

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I'm quite the odd one out here. There are many people that like this game, as well as many people that hate it, too. I, being one that likes it, don't still have a few issues with the game, not to mention that I'm not a big fan of the 2011 remake or the 1996 PC port.

I've played this game through and through a few times. It's a really interesting...

Chaotix Review

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Chaotix (or Knuckles' Chaotix in the west) is a very unique Sonic game, but yet, I have a reason to not like it. Why, you might wonder, knowing that I enjoy sonic myself. There are two reasons, and I'll get to those when it comes time for me to explain the gameplay.

Graphically, this game looks AMAZING. It is beautiful for a 32X game, especially since most...

PS3 Motorstorm Apocalypse E3 Demo

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So it took me almost an hour to play this one race without dying. It was pretty damn hard lol. Either way this is an early E3 demo that appears to be a pre alpha. It only has 1 playable race. Also huge thanks to @Paulweeze71 for the build. Enjoy the video :) :

Crazy Taxi Review

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To start this review, I'm going to mention that I am reviewing the Playstation 2 version of Crazy Taxi. I have played the arcade version and they were the same game, so don't come crying to me that I'm not playing the version on the DC. I don't own a Dreamcast, and therefore, I would not have had played the Game on the DC, but i have seen footage of it...

Tekken 5 Review

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I've been one to try different games. I'd never played 1 on 1 fighting games when I first got Soulcalibur II & III, and I enjoyed them. When it came time to give Tekken a try, I saw Tekken 5 for cheap. I knew reviews were good, and the price was right, so I picked it up. I thought that finally playing Tekken 5 would be a fun experience, since I'd seen it in...

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