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Saints Row IV Press Build

Saints Row IV Press Build

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This video covers some interesting finds in a Saints Row IV Press Build including a deeper look at debug functions the developers used. Depending how much interest we get, we may do more in-depth videos. More Info: https://www.obscuregamers.com/builddb/saints_row_iv/ Video by @RacingFreak

Spider-Man 4 Unreleased Movie Tie-in Game (XBOX 360)

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The Official OG showcase of the unreleased Spider-Man 4 movie tie-in game for Xbox 360 More info: https://www.obscuregamers.com/builddb/spider-man_4/
OG is seeking funding to renew our museum for another year!

OG is seeking funding to renew our museum for another year!

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Obscure Gamers is once again looking to secure funding to continue our operations for another year, and to secure some more goodies for the community to research. The total costs to renew OG's Museum status for another year will be £141.56 (including VAT). We also have been offered two Heavy Rain discs much cheaper than they're listed for online the total cost to secure these is €300 + shipping costs. The seller already has to mail us stuff so they offered us them directly. For the Silent...
Network Dumper 360 - Create Raw Images of Your Xbox 360 Devkits' HDDs Over Your Network

Network Dumper 360 - Create Raw Images of Your Xbox 360 Devkits' HDDs Over Your Network

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[Network Dumper 360]​ Network Dumper 360 is a tool that simply allows one to create a raw image of their HDD or their slim's 4GB internal USB either directly to their computer, or an external drive. If you do plan on using this on an un-dumped HDD, I would highly suggest that you burn the client onto a disk, and boot from that rather than putting it onto your drive. This is to ensure no deleted data is overwritten prior to...

PS2 Flatout 2 Mar 16 2006 (Press Build)

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Alas, the day has come. This has been one of the most important items to me in my collection (as far as builds of games go). Flatout 2 is a game I needed during a tough time in my life and I adored it. I remember so many hours playing with friends and by myself. It was also one of my test games for low spec computer tests I did back when EEE PC's were a thing (remember those??). Pretty sure there's still a video on my channel from all those years ago doing exactly that. When I found this...

A pitch for Sly Cooper 4: Time Bandits has been found! (NGP, October 2009)

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A pitch presentation showcasing an original idea for a fourth Sly Cooper game has been found and released. With an October 2009 date, this predates the announcement of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time by about two years (E3 2011). It was originally intended to be a NGP (PlayStation Vita) launch title. It was pitched by the same developer of Thieves in Time, Sanzaru Games. It includes a plethora of content scrapped from the final game, as at this point it was a game with an entirely different...

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