Another fundraiser..

This fundraiser is multiple lots we have been offered for our museum, most of these are extremely early systems, and many contain unreleased games and history that would other wise be lost.

The goal for this is split into groups, we have awhile to sort this one and lots would be paid as funded. The total includes paypal fee's added and shipping costs included excluding taxes, we put 10% as we're often charged different rates depending on donators locations.
Latest donor
Custom LBP Developer PS3 containing multiple unreleased games, and multiple alpha builds.
An early prototype PlayStation 3 dev Kit, in an early shell design which includes a disc filled with build(s? exact contents unknown)
3x Prototype XBOX's, plus a boxed system believed to be used at E3. + Misc items to be added that are unknown.
Misc Nintendo systems.
The above prices doesn't include paypal fees, please see goal amount for total with 10% added for fee's we're charged.
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The Smurfs 2

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  • The Smurfs 2
    Platform: Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
    Release Date: July 19, 2013
    Developer: WayForward

    The Smurfs 2 video game is an action-packed adventure platformer that provides Smurfs fans of all ages with the opportunity to dive into the magical Smurf Village and relive iconic moments and key environments from the feature film. Players assume the role of a Smurf and immerse themselves in an interactive adventure through the movies enchanting environments including New York City and Paris, and expand their movie experience into worlds exclusive to the video game such as The Arctic Tundra and The Lava Jungle.
    Fans can follow the Smurfs adventure solo or by playing cooperatively with friends. As players progress in the game, they will be able to choose between nine Smurfs featured in the movie and can join each other in a fun multiplayer experience of up to four users playing simultaneously.

    Known XBOX 360 Builds​ (top)

    Build NameBuild DateVersion
    SMRF2 - PR BuildApril 30, 2013043013
    SMRF2 - NO HUDJune 13, 2013
    SMRF2 - HUD-lessJune 18 2013061813

    XBOX 360 Pictures​ (top)




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