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  1. Nex

    PS2 BERSERK PS2 ( ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹篇 聖魔戦記の章 ) TGS Demo | Debug Menu

    As promised in my earlier thread, heres the debug menu of Berserk PS2. The debug menu was found inside the rare variation of the normal trial version wich was distributed at TGS 2004 at the berserk booth. After a lot of fiddling around, SolidSnake11 eventually got the menu working and with some...
  2. Nex

    PS2 BERSERK PS2 ( ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹篇 聖魔戦記の章 ) TGS 2003 Footage Compilation

    For the ones that don't know what this game is, Berserk PS2 is based on a mange of the same name and the game was released only in Japan and Korea, unfortunatley it never got a release in the west. A while ago I decided to browse through the entire japanese and korean web to find whats left from...