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  1. 1

    God of War: Ascension (Tradeshow event build)

    Check out OG's latest video covering footage from a God of War: Ascension Trade Show Demo.
  2. Moondog

    Biohazard/ Resident Evil 0 N64 prototype (aka not this again :P)

    Anyone still obsessing over this in 2020? We got some new footage a few years back, but discussion on old Biohazard stuff has really died down.
  3. D

    PS2 Splashdown Prototype Video | 9-8-01

    Hello everyone! I will be posting several videos of prototypes as mentioned throughout the forum. These will be mostly unreleased prototypes and only running on real hardware. This Splashdown beta is from 9-8-2001. There are several missing items such as levels and racers in this build. The...
  4. Fuzzo❤

    WTB BETA DEV BUILD Motorstorm: Monument Valley/Motorstorm: Pacific Rift WTB

    Title says everything. I'm interested in a dev build/beta copy of Motorstorm: Monument Valley or Motorstorm: Pacific Rift (or both!) if anyone has a copy. I'm especially interested in more early builds too. I'm willing to spend a healthy sum of $$$ for it. Thanks! Fuzzo❤~
  5. cavencruiser

    Need help finding unused debug menu in super ghouls and ghosts gba

    Hello all, I have discovered that there was unused dialogue in the gba port of super gng. Is anyone willing to find if the menu is still present by reverse engineering? I would like to see how this menu works.
  6. Walter White

    WTB: Halo, Mass Effect, and Metal Gear Solid Builds

    If anybody has any unreleased/unleaked Prototypes, or WIP Builds of Halo, Metal Gear, or Mass Effect; send me a PM, and consider them bought! (y):giggle:
  7. Moondog

    Deathtrap Dungeon 1997 Builds?

    As some people may be aware, I am a huge fan of Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon. It was released for the PC and PS1 in 1998 by Eidos, but not before going through a long (one might say tortured) development cycle since the days of the company still being known as Domark in 1995. To this...
  8. Edward_2452

    X360 Burnout 5 (Feb 22 2007)

    This was recovered from a EA Demo kit. The game was missing afew files and did not work. Big thanks to burninrubber0 for getting the game working. Also WebDemon for getting me to recover what was on the 20GB HDD.
  9. catmato

    Dreamcast Dave Mirra BMX Beta 20000907

    Hi, I recently acquired a Beta copy of Dave Mirra BMX for the Dreamcast. I've been trying to dump the disc to share online, but I've run into read errors. The handwriting on the front of the disc says it's from either July 22, 2000 or Sep 22, 2000, version number DCBMERB5. While attempting to...
  10. ShadowLuigi37YT

    Crash Tag Team Racing Potential Non-E3 Builds of Any Kind (PS2, XBOX, and GC)

    Would anybody happen to know if there is possibly a non-E3 demo build of Crash Tag Team Racing out there that is from at least around the same time as the E3 demo itself or before by that of a month? It doesn't really matter what version of the game the build is for weather that would be PS2...
  11. Icaras

    PS1 I can remove red screen from Psygnosis prototype games :)

    IF Some one wants to play his prototype without red screen error code, i can remove it. Anybody can send me bin cue files on private message and i can send it private message with the unlocked game :) i like to help some friends if cannot play the game :) Kind Regards, Icaras.
  12. DirkDagger

    WTB Nokia N-Gage / Gizmondo Alpha / Beta / Gold / Promo / PreView / E3 MMC Builds.

    Looking for "Alpha", "Beta", "Gold", "Promo", "Pre Release", "Not For Sale" MMC/SD Game Cartridges for: 1) Nokia N-Gage. 2) Gizmondo. *Here Example Of N-Gage Games: ("Alpha" (Red Strip), "Beta" (Orange Strip), Gold (Yellow Strip), "Promo" "Not For Sale" (White/Green Strip) N-Gage Games, Units...
  13. DirkDagger

    Other [Nokia N-Gage / QD] NotForSale MMCs Complete Thread: Alpha, Beta, Gold, Dev, P/Review, Promo, ProtoType, Boxed J2ME.

    [N-Gage Complete Guide UpDate: 11 December 2020]. Finally I decided to create one complete thread abt Nokia N-Gage/QD NotForSale (NFS/NFR) MMC games. I never saw any more or less complete pictures/photos of that type of N-Gage media. Process of collecting retail N-Gage games cool enough, for...
  14. 13thVessel

    WTB Kingdom Hearts Debug, Protos ,Betas, Samples, Previews, Press, etc...

    Hey there! I'm looking for KH rare stuff, please if you have something that could interest me send me an MP or post below ^-^ Also I'm interested in rare press documents,announcements,etc... Regards!
  15. Icaras

    PS1 WipEout 3 (August 3, 1999 review prototype)

    My favorite review copy for playstation one that i bought for 220 euros :) ENJOY ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. 1

    Prototopia's first video is live!

    It is with great news we can finally share our first video for Prototopia! The first video is based on Backyard Heroes and was made by the same team as HaloMegaBloks you should checkout @Borman's video for that! You can watch the raw gameplay or voice over versions below. Enjoy! ;) Commentry...