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    FATX-Tools v0.3.50

    FATXTools is a data recovery tool for FATX file systems. The goal of this project is to automate searching and recovering deleted files as well as provide tools for manual data recovery. This is a C# port of the Python version: fatx-tools Download: GitHub Contributors Tdijital - Thanks...
  2. burninrubber0

    [Tutorial] Manually recovering files from a FATX file system

    This tutorial primarily focuses on recovering fragmented files or other files that FATX-Tools can't properly handle. It is not good for beginners. We'll need: A hex editor, such as HxD 010 Editor or anything else that can search hex in multiple files An image of a FATX-formatted hard drive...
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    I'd like to introduce FATX-Tools, which are some tools I wrote that may help some of you find some extra goodies in your XBOX and X360 hard drives. These are data recovery tools that can help some of you find and recover deleted content. They handle both dev and retail drives. I also need to...