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  1. M

    NES The 'Arcade' Advantage (NES Advantage) - Requesting a Little Help to Get Started

    I'm looking to take an old NES Advantage Controller and attempting to Modify it to use an 'Arcade' Joystick. I have some skill in soddering and craftsmanship; though I don't know where to exactly start. As for why I'm doing this; I thought it would be an interesting project to pull off as the...
  2. S

    Are there any Joycon analog stick replacements of decent quality available?

    I had the Joycon drift on my left stick after a few years and tried cleaning it a few different ways, which didn't work, as you probably expect. So I ordered a replacement, which drifted even worse than the original, even after calibrating. So I bought another one, which appears to be DOA...
  3. Xrider

    Suggestion PS1 to NEOGEO or Jamma Controller adapter Open Source

    PS1 to NEOGEO or Jamma Controller www.delta-island.com This projet allow you to use playstation 1 controller (gamepad or joystick) on Neogeo AES or MVS This projet is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE You can build it by yourself for less than 15$ for MVS consolized You can show the final...