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  1. Frosty

    Request Looking for information regarding NBA Jam & Sheryl Nome ~Sagittarius 9 PM (Don't Be Late)~ for PlayStation 3

    Well, starting off, I've never used this forum or the prior forum before, but after 7 years of researching, I am hope that some user(s) on here may be able to help me complete my journey in attaining any of these four cancelled games (though each has a different significance), so that they can...
  2. RZXspyro

    Updates to A9L

    Hi everyone! Just informing you on a few minor updates we made within the A9L discord server: 1. We now have a manual verification system in our server. You just have to answer a few easy questions and one of the staff will let you in. More information and details can be found within the server...
  3. P

    DUST 514 Preservation Project

    Greetings Everyone! For some time now, I have been working to preserve the PS3 exclusive DUST 514. Servers were shut down on 30th May 2016 and the amount of content left to preserve has been decreasing since then. So, I am asking you for any dumps of the game, from any old closed beta builds...
  4. D

    Wii Prototype Nintendo Wii Consoles

    Prototype Nintendo Wii RVT-R Wired "Pre-Product 4" For Test/Evaluation only. With wired Wii Mote development controller. Prototype Nintendo Wii RVT-R Wireless "Pre-Product 4" For Test/Evaluation only. Units together.
  5. JumpSuit

    PS3 Game MAG Builds!!

    Greetings everyone! I have decided/begun the start of preservation of the game "MAG: Massive Action Game"!! My goal is to work with the others who wish to preserve the PS3 games here. If anyone IS interested I am seeking Dumps or Builds of the game! From Dev Builds, to Private Beta, to Open...
  6. PaulSilentin

    [article] The six great reasons to share prototypes

    Disclaimer: this thread is a signal for discussion about preservation of gaming stuff from another point of view. I have no intent to offend anyone, this is just my own point of view about debatable and controversial topic. I understand that many people disagree with me and that's fine...
  7. 1

    Preservation group discords/irc & sites

    Here are the main preservation groups that are vetted and trust worthy. These sites keep the items preserved which is true preservation, dumping and selling isn't. https://gamehistory.org/ Brought to you by Frank. https://www.museumofplay.org/visit (@Borman works here.)...
  8. 1

    How to preserve a HDD based Game System

    This guides a work in progress. It doesn't cover data recovery at this time. It'll work on most hard drive based systems even if encrypted. DISCLAIMER: if you mess it up, we are not responsible! Perform this at own risk! Most important! DO NOT EVEN USE THE SYSTEM! Using/Booting it can cause...