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ps2 mod

  1. Messerjocke

    Is it possible to cram this IDE to SD-Card Adaptor into a PS2 SCPH-70004 SLIM?

    Hi there, I recently got the idea to connect a SD-Cardreader to the IDE-connector of a 7000x PS2 Slim and install FreeHDBoot on it. Since I have only peeked worked with the fat PS2 so far, I'd like to ask if one experienced Slim modder could estimate if this litte chip could fit inside a PS2...
  2. D

    PS2 Need PS2 mod chip with Z-point

    Does anyone have a ps2 mod chip with z-point. I believe this can only be found on original boards and clones do not include on models which it would normally be found. Looking for matrix infinity chip or modbo760 board. Again, it must have z-point on board which is required for compatibility...