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    With the recent attacks against members, and lack of care towards their mental health we have started a fundraiser to help fund the life saving charity the Samaritans. Without their support and efforts many people we know wouldn't be alive.

    If you're able to help, you can donate via our fundraiser on GoFundMe Link

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  1. 1

    Video Game Grading do you think it's a scam?

    We all know those dreadful and awful "tombed" cases on ebay. A $10 game listed for $1000 and more. Do you feel this is a scam? Please vote on poll. One of the biggest names has been caught in some shady stuff and it's put more of a doubt in their trust/faith in me. For those that don't know...
  2. ToTo

    MD Megadrive 2 with integrated HDMI and Wi-Fi (GBS-C)

    Hello guys, I had this idea in my mind and finally did it. I hope you enjoy it. Tutorial: GENESIS 2 / MEGADRIVE 2 WITH INTEGRATED HDMI AND WIFI https://vmod.wordpress.com/genesis-2-megadrive-2-with-integrated-hdmi-and-wifi-gbs-c-esp8266-vga2hdmi/