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    Ahh, the 260 in 1 Multicart...

    Perhaps one of the better known multicarts out there, this pirate was developed in the early 90's by Golden Games using a robust amount of memory to store around 106 games (the rest are duplicate variants with trainers). Being so early, it didn't have as many modern games on it due to mapper issues and lack of mapper hacked roms at the time.

    You can find a billion cart variants, anything ranging from black to blue shells, different labels, Famicom versions etc. What is less known is the fact that their are different carts with different arrangements of games on it...

    The left cart is the standard 260 in 1 (the same one Bootleg Games Wiki used to list the games on this cart) and on the right is a variant with 20 games removed (Mr. Pacman III, Gradius, New Type, Star Soldr, City Cnnct, X1 Race, Magmax, Xevious, Gyrodine, SpartanX, Wrech Crew, Brush Roll, Joust, Piano, Punch Pipe, China Chess, Memory Pair, Duck Hunt, Hogans All, and Wildgunman) and replaced with Bomber Man hacks (Mari Head, Ball Head ect.) and Circus Charlie hacks (Snow Lady, Snow Worm ect.). Aside from replacing those games, the repeat games are labeled with blue numbers or letters vs the standard cart with red numbers or letters.

    As for the exact purpose of this, I cannot figure it out. Maybe they wanted to add more pirate originals and added Hwang Shinwei's titles alongside with a few more retail games. Maybe they wanted to slightly change up the list to make it look like it offered something different than the previous version. Who knows...

    If you guys had any additional info you could add or want more pics or info from me, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for looking at my post!
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