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An ex-Sonic-fanatic stuck in the mid-90's


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Sep 22, 2019

Some of you may know me from some other sites but I've left my online footprint as "biggestsonicfan" all over the internet for many years now. I arrogantly created this name a long time ago and now I arrogantly choose to keep it. I'm not much into Sonic as I used to be, but Sonic's original 90's American attitude was my favorite version of Sonic.

In the community, I have done several things to help expand information regarding Sonic's development history from being lost to obscurity. I put in a majority bid and have current physical ownership of the unreleased 32X title Sonic Mars's script. It has been scanned and uploaded to the web for everyone to enjoy. My other major contribution to obscure info is lost and unused data found in Sonic the Fighters. While I can't claim all the lost info was discovered solely by myself, prior to a real interest in unused and cut content movement, I did compile and publish many findings. Findings such as Honey the Cat, Mechless Eggman, an alternate meched Eggman that resembles a tank, the presence of Flickys, Pengo, and the fact that all playable fighters (and Honey) had unused heart-eyes-while-blushing head models.

These days, I am restoring a dilapidated Vitrua Fighter cabinet to play Model2 arcade games and am working on a disassembly of the Sonic the Fighters code which is over 50% complete but less than 10% documented. I am also trying to figure out how to best create an assembler and linker for the Intel 960 architecture for a Win10 environment.

I may not be very active on this fourm, as my primary home is SonicRetro, but any big developments I would like to cross-post here.
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