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CAT-DEV help

Hexadecimal Mantis

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Jul 6, 2020
Hexadecimal Mantis
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Hello. I have some CAT-DEV units I would like to get up and running (Ignore the CAT-R at the top)


I know a fair bit about how these work, but I am by no means an expert. I know that they have a PCFS and a NAND configuration. Both of my units are using the PCFS configuration, which means that in order to even get these things to boot up, the necessary files must be present on a host PC, along with the hostbridge software. I'm interested to see if there is anything left on the NANDs, and I happen to have most of what is required to use the PCFS configuration. However I hit a pretty big roadblock. I do not have access to the newer version of the hostbridge software that these units need (Only have a really old version), and thus they are essentially stuck in the PCFS configuration, and cannot boot at all due to the incorrect hostbridge version. However, I have spent the last couple of weeks hacking away the version requirement checks in some of the software, and I managed to get the recovery menu to load up, but nothing else seems to work. The menu itself also appears to be broken, and trying to flash an update fails.

Does anyone else have some experience with this hardware or know an open source alternative to the hostbridge software?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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