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Jul 4, 2019
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Jun 27, 2013
Hello all,

In reference to a previous thread I posted in: https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/ps2-matrix-pic-fix-hex.1825/

Well after a lot of trial and error and with life getting in the way. I was able to finally find the mechacon pulse signal referenced as Point K on the Comsoft v4 slim laserfix. This fix is now able to be used for GH-023 and GH-026 boards. Kel was also able to use the subzero laserfix on these consoles as well, unfortunately I don't have access to his pics and he's not feeling so well atm.

As a note however, does anyone have a good looking service manual for the GH-026 board? I have one but it doesn't clearly show all the components that will need soldering to. All I have are pictures with my modchip install on them and it kinda obscures point K. Resistor is marked value 103, in what should be the GH-026 service schematic R609.

That being said link is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/68qr45psuwgxwfb/Comsoft+v4+Files+for+v9-v12+PS2.zip/file

This zip file has HEIC images for the v10 install just as a heads up. Folder size is 78.22 Megabytes.

It also contains every single file used for the creation of this board on OSHPark (or use this link: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/3D5p1xeY )

As well as the service manuals for GH-023 (v9), GH026 (v10) (needs better pcb layout view), and the GH-035 (v12) PS2 consoles. The original creator of the comsoft fix video is also in here showing their PS2 slim working with this fix. Will probably take a video of mine soon enough.

I'm sure that this is everything needed to utilize this laserfix but if something else is needed please reply.

Hope this is helpful and lets wish Kel good health,