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Consoles: Mouse/Keyboard for FPS games vs Joysticks for Fighting games?


Original poster
Jun 4, 2019
Hi Everyone,

This is just a random question. I noted that when people talk about using a mouse/keyboard for FPS console games, everyone gets up in arms about how it's cheating and gives players an unfair advantage over those who play with a controller. However, when people talk about console fighting games where Joysticks give you a competitive advantage over gamepads, everyone is fine with it. Fair enough, the keyboard and mouse for FPS's do offer a precision that a gamepad cannot. However, buying an adaptor is just as easy as buying a 3rd party joystick which offers superior performance for fighting games. Yet no one seems to mind if people spend the extra money/use joysticks. Is there something I'm missing? :)


Well-known member
Feb 16, 2021
Well from my experience multiplayer fps the players can be toxic at times. Making claims of some players "cheating" using aim bots, glitching or even simply exploiting flaws in the map/terrain itself to their advantage. In the past I've even had people accuse me of cheating but it was just simply lag, which I was accustomed to playing with at the time.

No idea about fighting games, they don't interest me.

I rarely play any sort of competitive game types now, just sick of it tbh. Plus I'm getting older and I guess my reflexes aren't as sharp. Also, even though my net speed isn't too bad now (for my location anyway), living over here there is always some lag to deal with.


Nov 19, 2021
I would just assume that Joysticks are far more accepted in the world of console gaming because they always have been that "arcade" style game thing. Meanwhile Keyboard and mouse were always tied to the PC to be used both as game input devices and productivity tools. I just think that people still associate that to these peripherals.

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