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X360 Corona stress kit E79


Original poster
Dec 3, 2019
I've recently gotten a corona stress kit with the E79 error. I only got the motherboard and didn't get the dvd drive. I've tried to use other drives that aren't paired to boot a recovery ISO but haven't had any luck. I've tried 20871.2, 21173.8, 21250.5 and 21256.3 but still nothing. The discs work in my trinity test kit so I'm assuming it's because the drive isn't paired.
From looking up about it, it's either a bad nand or hdd but the error still occurs without a hdd. I think I need to flash it with a donor nand but not 100% sure as I have only ever worked with retail consoles.

Before I try and track down a nand, is there something simple I've missed or a better way to fix it (if it's even possible to fix)?

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