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Review Crazy Taxi Review


To start this review, I'm going to mention that I am reviewing the Playstation 2 version of Crazy Taxi. I have played the arcade version and they were the same game, so don't come crying to me that I'm not playing the version on the DC. I don't own a Dreamcast, and therefore, I would not have had played the Game on the DC, but i have seen footage of it, and I will say that saying that there isn't a significant difference between the PS2 version and the DC version of Crazy Taxi. Maybe a little bit graphically, but that's not much.

Crazy Taxi is a fun game. It's a fun expierence driving through busy city streets and going so fast that you make a jump off of a hill. It's all really fun trying to do this within the time limit, because then you have something to be worrying about other than the customer's timers, not to mention that this was an arcade game, so a time limit would be necessary for limiting how much a player can play.

Graphically, this game looks really smooth, but it feels very flat. It's a huge 3D space from 1999, but it all looks a little flat and the human models also look a little funny. not to mention that some of the facial features look a little odd, and all around, the graphics just look a little silly even though I feel that that might have been the point. The characters and other car models look a little cartoony, but I'm just going to leave the graphics with other than this game not having any progressive scan options, the graphics over all just look a little odd, not to mention that these little problems span across all platforms.

Sound wise, there isn't much. There's the main narrator at the beginning to spout his ever-famous line "HEY HEY HEY! COME ON OVER AND HAVE SOME FUN WITH CRAAZY TAXII!" (which was meant for the attract mode in arcades) and other lines, but other than a little bit of music, you'll be hearing the in-game NPCs shouting directions, insulting you, and your character directing for them to come on over and hitch a ride with you, so the sound in this game isn't that good, nor is it too memorable.

In the gameplay department, we have a lot of fun. Driving a kind of cartoonish taxi around town, picking up passengers and delivering them to their destinations is a fun and original idea (especialy from the time). With the choice of 4 taxis and drivers and between arcade mode and a mode with a set time limit, it's pretty fun. It's always fun getting air off of a ramp on the back of a truck or off of a (previously mentioned) hill, it's a fun time either way. There is also the Crazy Box mode, which has a bunch of different puzzles, but I didn't find them as much fun as compared to the arcade mode.

With controls, on the PS2, even though it doesn't work with wheel controllers, it plays well with the DS2. It's like most driving games where it's also pressure sensitive and will go faster depending on how hard you press the button. It's satisfying and fun to say the least.

To summarize, this game is a really fun expierence no matter what platform it's on. If it's your piece of cake to play it on the DC, then do so. If it's your cup of tea to play this on the PS2, then play as you want. If the GC is what you choose, then play the GC. If you have an arcade cab of the original, then PLAY THAT above all else. This game is is something worth giving a try, and it's just something that needs to be played.

PS., to anyone that says that he ps2 version is buggy and glitchy, i outlined already that that didn't find them. I found one, that being a collision detection bug as i got stuck trying to drive up a wall once, but that's never happened again or before that moment. I have played the arcade version and found no difference. Please do not bother me to play the DC port because it is "superior" and the version I played was "inferior". Thank you.


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Very fun game. I mean open world, again 60fps... Have all three of them better than Arcade for obvious reasons. I made a side by side with emus to check Naomis doubled Ram/Vram regarding textures. I's so subtle. Same with 18 Wheeler. Crazy how they packed Naomi into Dreamy.

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