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Dead or Alive 4 trainer


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Jun 24, 2020
Since there is no equivalent section I guess this section of the forum is the most appropriate place for this thread. I suppose a staff member can move it if it would be better suited somewhere else.

Continuing the thread here: https://www.assembler-games.com/threads/dead-or-alive-4-trainer.68936/

Late reply, but I can share that Russian trainer.

It seems Alexkyori's trainer really is gone, but I found a trainer for use with the Aurora dashboard. I'm sharing that as well.

The only issue with it seems to be that if you use the one-hit KO cheat your character's animation can sometimes stop for about a second at the end of replays. It is very minor and not really noticeable, and doesn't affect anything, so not a problem. Other than that it works just fine.

Apparently only image files can be attached so I'm posting links instead.
Russian trainer: https://forumfiles.com/j63bj0Cdod/DOA4_Russian_trainer_rar
Aurora trainer: https://forumfiles.com/r634j0C9o1/544307D1_rar

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