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FF Versus XIII builds


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Dec 29, 2019
I just wanna put this out there, I would give ANYTHING for a build of Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be released and playable. I know the game only ever reached, like, 25% completion so any builds out there would probably be atrocious to play, but the game's vibe just looked so dang interesting that I wanna play it so bad, in any shape or form. VS XIII is a seriously monumental piece of Square Enix history so having a build of it be released would be terrific. Looking through the list of leaked builds though, it doesn't look like there's ever been any leaked builds from Square Enix, so that's pretty tragic. Does anyone know if Square has already disposed of their PS3 devkits? Should I just give up on this ever happening?

P.S. early builds of FFXV would be really cool to play too.