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    Flowers in Chania

    OG is raising money to form a non profit community interest company enabling us to preserve more history than ever before!

    Unfortunately, like most things in life this is going to cost money and we're asking for some help from the community. All users will be given donator status, along with early updates and depending on how much you help us with we'll try to chuck in some free merch!

    This will cost us roughly $850 for two years including business address/phone number etc which is needed to register a business bank account within the UK.

    You can help us by making a custom pledge, or by making a general pledge as it all helps us greatly. We're happy for a one time donators via Ko-Fi, Patreon asks monthly so please be aware. To prevent charge backs we're unable to accept Paypal at this time. Although once live this will be sorted too!

    One time donations can be sent via our Ko-Fi,

    Or for monthly please visit our Patreon, Ko-Fi is preferred as they charge us less fee's. Become a Patron of Obscure Gamers!
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Going into 2020!


As you may well be aware by now - unless you live under a rock - the year 2020 is upon us. With the new decade will come many changes, features and goodies to OG as a whole! In this post, I wanted to outline some of the things we have been working on behind the scenes, potential changes and new features coming to OG in 2020.

To the surprise of me and some of the other staff members, one of the most requested additions to the site is OG branded merchandise. I have been hard at work on designing a plethora of goodies ranging from shirts, coffee mugs, lanyards, mouse mats and more! We are currently investigating methods to integrate merchandise to certain tiers of our Patreon page, but will also be selling merchandise individually to users who want to get something as a one-off purchase. I want to make it clear that users that do decide to purchase merch from our store will not recieve any special privileges over other users to keep things fair.

Social Integration
We want to further integrate our various platforms (social media, YouTube, Discord) into the website to make OG feel more like a complete service. How exactly we will go about this is still being investigated.

To the polls!
Several new website features are being tested behind the scenes, and in the early new year, we are eager to poll these ideas to our users to see what you all think. Of course, no new features or changes will be implimented without the support of you - our user base.

Content creation
YouTube is something many of us want to expand upon in 2020. We are looking at ways for users to be able to post content to our YouTube channel and possibly other forms of social media. I have been working on some new branding to increase our individuality as a brand, including a new YouTube intro and various stylized OG logos and branding.

Continued preservation
As many of you may well know, Demon has been hard at work researching and developing new ways for users to preserve and save the many, many gigabytes of data OG has now helped to preserve. In 2020 we plan on having more storage available, and the ability for users to save their rare content directly to the OG archives for preservation.

Thank You!
2019 has been a fantastic year for OG, and we couldn't have done it without you, our loyal users. Going into 2020 we extend our promise to be an open and democratic platform and will continue to take user feedback and suggestions onboard. We are commited to preserving and showcasing all of the unique sofrware and hardware available and believe all users should be able to contribute. Special thanks to the OG staff for keeping the platform safe and secure.

Happy holidays!


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