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Hello there, introducing myself here !

New Nova

Original poster
Apr 7, 2022

I'm New Nova, electronic music composer and retro VGM remixer, each week a new remix on my channel for those who are interested : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bPmY6hPBDoWnfqIKsh0CQ

Also, amateur homebrew dev on PS1, 3DS and Wii.
For PS1 :

- Playstation SCPH-1002
- Xplorer FX cartridge flashed with caetla firmware
- Windows 98SE PC

For 3DS :

- New Nintendo 3DS modded with homebrew channel
- Citra Emulator (for first testing)
- Devkitpro 3DS SDK
- My regular Asus K53SD laptop

For Wii :

- Nintendo RVT-001 NDEV development kit
- CodeWarrior 1.7 for Wii
- Official RVL SDK
- Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Desktop PC
- I also have a modded Wii (bootmii as boot2 compatible), though I still don't know how to export Wii dev to Wii retail

Also, I'm French. And also, I'm seeking more dev units (at good price). Especially the other Wii kits and tools like the RVT-R Reader (also the writer why not) and the RVT-H.
Though if you got some SNES dev kit at fair price, I'm in.
There you have it !

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