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Ian Harrison aka "British Storm" as Punk vs. Master Sega (Famous French Ad). He was finally identified 31 years after and accepted an interview!

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May 30, 2019
Maybe it will interest the English speakers even if the Mega Drive ads with the Punk are French.

The actor playing the Punk of the French Mega Drive commercials "Sega c'est plus fort que toi" accepted, for my greatest pleasure, an interview.

The testimony of Ian Harrison, a former bodybuilder and professional wrestler also known as "British Storm", is incredible. You will experience the making of the commercials through his eyes.

Never-before-seen photos from his personal archives take us back 31 years to 1991 on the set of Shepperton Film Studios in the UK.

A total redesign of my project to digitize the 35mm reels of Sega Megadrive commercials was done. You will be able to rediscover my work of archiving the 24 35mm reels (photos, scans and videos of their contents by metal box). You will be able to see again all the commercials, some of them never seen before, reassembled from the 2 hours 30 minutes of rushes. You will be able to rediscover my adventure on this project of digitization of the Sega commercials, from the acquisition of the 35mm reels to their digitization.

His interview is the final touch to the most ambitious and important project I have ever undertaken in relation to video games, a unique and unforgettable experience.

I would like to thank Ian Harrison for his availability, his kindness and for taking the time to answer my questions and more.


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