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DS IS Nitro Emulator bottom screen no video with screen replaced


Original poster
Jun 16, 2019
To make long story short: IS Nitro Emulator with DS Lite controller has white screen with vertical lines and no video on the bottom screen if I replace the screen. It works fine if I put the original screen back in. Both devkit and retail screens are working on a retail DS so they are not damaged.

In other words:
  • Devkit + retail screen = ❌
  • Devkit + old devkit screen = ✅
  • Retail + retail screen = ✅
  • Retail + old devkit screen = ✅

Should a DS devkit work with a retail bottom screen? The retail console I purchased for spares had many prior repair jobs done and the screen has been replaced. I have no idea how to identify a genuine DS screen but if it was a non-genuine screen, could it cause issues on devkits but not retail consoles?

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