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Live Move 2 Middleware wii


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Aug 11, 2019
Hello,This program was used for create the motion from lots of Wii games and most of Ps3 psmove games.

some years ago i could download an evaluation version of a program called LiveMove2 from Ailive website and install it on my linux box with wine.Just before install i create a backup of the instalation

(Nowadays the website is offline but one can visit using waymachine. http://www.ailive.net/ ).

Sadly it is an evaluation version but it works with a crack.Sadly the crack is still no finished,when it is i will upload here (for now the crack we have already allows people with a wii Ndev record data but no create the files called "classifier".Soon it will be fully functional as the full Wii version is.

Also i hope found a way to could use it without need of the Ndev machine,using a common wii or dolphin emu,but it would take some time)



You can extract the files with UniExtract2 and later decrypt.

Anyway you can use the one i backup on linux before install it with wine


The program was created for use on wiiremote and wiimotionplus but later they ported to ps3 and Sony put freely available on sce dev net for any licenced developer could download freely and use it.

I have been trying to found this version,but sadly i have no been succesfull. If someone have and could upload it would be wonderfull.

Note : on the ps3 sdk they are some reference to it on
" SDKDIR\Extras\PS3Docs\MoveKit\PSMoveTutorial_6_LiveMovePS3SDK\SDK3.60\Extras\PS3Docs\MoveKit\PSMoveTutorial_6_LiveMove" where they are a text which said :

" Download latest AI LiveMove2 package on


As i said this program was very useful for create games (from Just Dance,Zelda SS to Sport Championshit 2..),and it could be used to create moddings,..

Note: I forgot told than the program is outdated and the company is defund

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