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"Lucky Star RAvish Romance" (Lucky Star らき☆すた Ryouou Gakuen Outousai Kiosk Demo)

Plague von Karma

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Jun 1, 2019
Given Assembler is dying now, I thought I'd try to preserve this in case it actually goes down. I found this on eBay around...4-5 years ago, bought it for £20 GBP as it seemed interesting. Eventually uploaded the stuff online, and here we are now. I'm not sure where this was used nor where it came from, sadly, nor anything about the seller I got it from. That stuff is mostly lost to time.

Most interesting aspect of the demo is that it's got a different name to the final version, that being "Lucky Star RAvish Romance". It doesn't seem to be too different to the final, although I could definitely be wrong as I don't speak Japanese...

I haven't datamined the disk properly as I am a complete noob in that respect, if anyone wants to do that be my guest. I'm sure there's a few interesting bits that could make it onto The Cutting Room Floor. However, all I have is the stuff from 2015 that I'm giving here.

If you want to see the raw files I extracted from the disk, go here.
If you want an actual playable ISO, go here.

Here are some screenshots that I found on my PC when I was digging around for this old thing. Surprised I still have them if I'm honest.

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