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Mega Drive Genesis Prototypes


May 31, 2019
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April 3, 2008
Here i want to sell 3 Mega Drive / Genesis Sample Prototype carts.
Zool and Toy Story are samples not complete with many differents to the final release. Alien3 show differents on compare the image with the retail version but i do not investigate it to much. Maybe some extra lv cancled or so, cant tell.
Any cart is working without problems.

So if you take all three carts the price will be 900€.

Single prices are:

Zool: 300€
Toy Story: 350€
Alien 3: 450€

All carts are NTSC/US what i can tell.

IMG_0934.JPGs-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600 (5).jpgs-l1600.jpg

Shipping from Germany with DHL full tracked, You pay paypal fees and shipping.

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